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AARP Foundation's Housing Solutions Center is made possible in part by the generous support of The Hartford.

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AARP Foundation’s Housing Solutions Center is available to assist homeowners age 50 and older who are at risk of foreclosure. Free foreclosure prevention counseling, provided by Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, is available toll free at (855) 850-2525. To prepare for your foreclosure prevention session, it will be helpful for you to gather documents and information that your HUD-certified counselor will discuss with you over the phone. The following documents and information will help you make the most of your foreclosure prevention counseling session:

Documentation of Your Income

• Paycheck Stubs
• W-2 Forms
• Social Security Payment Records
• Alimony Records
• Child Support Records
• Other Income Records

Records of Household Expenses

• Mortgage or Rent Statements
• Utility Statements
• Transportation Expense Statements
• Other Household Expense Statements

Listing of All Debts That You Owe

• Current Credit Card Statements
• Current Student Loan Statements
• Current Auto Loan Statements
• Records Regarding Loans Against Your 401K
• Current Information for Other Debts Owed

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